We are really excited to introduce our amazing workshop hosts

Their expertise spans a wide variety of topics including science communication, citizen science and reproducible research. We can't wait to welcome them to Scotland!

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Helen Roy

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Lisa DeBruine?

Science on the Socials: communicating your research to non-academic audiences

During this workshop, Yaz and Benito will share their experiences with creating effective science communication platforms and how/why they use it to share their research with non-academic audiences, alongside completing a PhD. After hearing their advice on how to create engaging yet informative content, participants will be encouraged to communicate their research to a non-expert by creating their own social media post, either in written or video form

Benito Wainwright

Benito is an evolutionary biologist completing a PhD on the sensory evolution of tropical butterflies at the University of Bristol. Alongside his research, Benito is a freelance presenter who strives to enthuse new, young and diverse audiences with biology by posting fun and informative content, primarily on his 'Benito Explains' Instagram and YouTube platforms

Yasmin Meeda

Yasmin is a marine microbiology PhD student at The University of Exeter and The Marine Biological Association whose research explores how diatoms, a type of microalgae, can sense and respond to changes in their environment. Yaz uses Instagram to inspire people to seek an interest in the hidden world of marine microbes and showcases life as a scientist.