Online attendance

We are excited to announce that EMPSEB will be held as a hybrid conference this year!

Attendees will have the option to attend either online or in-person at FSC Millport in Scotland. We have introduced this option to ensure EMPSEB 28 is an inclusive and sustainable event. We are mindful that online attendance can feel isolating and we are working hard to make sure that online attendees are given a full EMPSEB experience:

  1. There will be no distinction between in-person and virtual talks - virtual talks will be included in the appropriate attendee talk sessions and will be presented live to the in-person and virtual attendees.

  2. We will ensure all of the social activities are fully available for virtual attendees to take part in or we will organise an engaging alternative.

  3. For all panels, we will have a live Q&A that online attendees can participate in.

More information soon! Keep an eye on this page and our Twitter for announcements